Abhishek Srivastava


Research Lab (Principal Investigator): IC~WiBES
Integrated Circuits inspired by Wireless and Biomedical Electronic Systems
Technical/Application areas
Core technical area : RF/Analog integrated circuits and systems, CMOS VLSI
Application areas : Wireless communication & sensing, mmWave-5G, healthcare, wearable/implantable devices, quantum sensing
Research lab equipment facility
Our research lab has state-of-the-art equipments to perform circuit measurements including test chip characterization. Some key equipments are as follows: precision source meters (Kithley 2400/2450), arbitrary function generators (Tektronix), MSO (1.5 GHz, Rhode and Shwarz), Spectrum Analyzer (3 GHz, Rhode and Shwarz), VNA (26.5 GHz, Keysight) and RF signal generator (30 GHz, Rhode and Shwarz).
(Acknowledgement: TCS foundation, SERB, IHUB data)

All academic institutes and independent reserachers are invited to use the experimental facilities at my lab. Please connect through email.
Funded research projects (PI/Co-PI) (Ongoing)
  • "Development of Silicon Proven IP Cores, Transceiver IC and System Prototype for mmWave Radar Sensing in Healthcare and Security Applications" Funded by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) under the Chips to Startup (C2S) program (June 2023 - present)
    This project aims to design & tape-out ICs of energy efficient mmWave radar transceivers and develop systems for healthcare and security applications. It also aims to produce trained manpower with chip design and charaterization experience. I am the Chief-Investigator (CI) of the project.

    (New research openings are available in IC & system design areas in this project- email your CV)

  • "Gold Aid - A safety device for plant workers to enable fastest medical Aid in the Golden hour" Funded by Department of Science and Technology (DST) under the Technology Development Program (TDP) program (Mar 2023 - present)
    In this project, an IoT and AI enabled worker safety system is being developed for large factories such as thermal power plants, oil and natural gas plants, coal mines and steel factories. I am the PI of the project.

    (New research openings are available in Embedded systems area in this project- email your CV)

  • "Fabrication and Characterization of Flexible Bio-Sensors and Bio-Actuators for Healthcare Applications" Funded by Department of Science and Technology (DST) under the Promotion of University Research and Scientific Excellence (PURSE) program (Mar 2023 - present)
    In this project, state-of-the-art device and circuit characterization facilities for are bing established for realizing integrated bio-systems, which includes biosensors and integrated circuits for sensing. I am the Co-PI of the project.

    (New research openings are available in IC & system design areas in this project- email your CV)

  • "Low-Phase-Noise Fully Monolithic mmWave Frequency Synthesizers" Funded by Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), Govt. of India (Jan 2022 - present)
    In this project, mmWave oscillator and PLL topologies with ultra low phase noise and very high figure-of-merit performances are being investigated. I am the PI of the project.

  • Funded research projects (PI/Co-PI) (Completed)
  • "Mission Parikshit" funded by Kohli Center on Intelligent Systems (KCIS) endowed by TCS foundation (Aug 2021 - Sep 2023)
    In this research, technological platform for respiratory disease detection has been developed. A portable, battery operated, low cost device with integrated biosensor has been developed in this project. Clinical trials of the proposed device is under progress. I was the PI of the project.

  • "Low phase noise frequency synthesizers for CMOS quantum sensing and FMCW radars" funded by IIIT Hyderabad (Jan 2021 - Dec 2023)
    In this research, PLL based low phase noise frquency synthesizers for mmWave FMCW radars and solid-state quantum sensing based applications were investigated and low power, high figure of merit circuits were presented. I was the PI of the project.

  • "Development of an Energy Efficient mmWave Radar System Prototype for All-Weather Road-Safety and Traffic Applications" Funded by TIH-Data under the National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems (NM-ICPS) scheme (May 2022 - Dec 2023)
    In this project, technologies for weather-agnostic, portable, low power, battery operated mmWave radar systems have been developed for road-safety and traffic applications. I was the PI of the project.

  • "2.87 GHz Frequency Synthesizer with Programmable Sweep for Diamond Color Defect based CMOS Quantum Sensing Applications" Funded by I-HUB Quantum Technology Foundation, Pune (completed Apr - Dec 2022)
    In this project, low resolution microwave frequency synthesizer was designed for NV based quantum sensing applications. I was the PI of the project.
  • Other research projects (Post-doc/Ph.D.)
  • "Millimeter Wave Digital Arrays (MIDAS)" funded by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), USA (2018-2020):
    This was my post doctoral research project, where I developed novel topologies and designed low phase noise mmWave oscillators' ICs for on-chip high Q MEMS resonators. PI of the project was Prof. Shreyas, ECE department, Purdue University, USA.
  • "Analog, Mixed-Signal and RF IC Development and Test for Biomedical Applications" funded by MeitY, Government of India, (2012-2016):
    This was my Ph.D. research project, where I designed bio-telemetry ICs and developed systems for remote health monitoring applications by using the custom designed ICs. PI of the project was Prof. Maryam, EE department, IIT Bombay.
  • Tape-outs and test-chips/prototypes developed:
    • Oscillators IC (TSMC 65 nm) (2020)
      Different novel oscillator topologies (2-4 GHz) for on-chip high-Q MEMS resonators have been fabricated and successfully measured in 65 nm (TSMC) technology.
    • Oscillator/buffer IC (GF 14 nm) (2019)
      mmWave (20/30 GHz) oscillators and line driving buffers to route mmWave signals over long paths have been designed, fabricated in GF 14 nm technology and successfully measured.
    • Health monitoring devices with custom designed telemetry and anlog front-end ICs (2015-2017)
      A remote health monitoring device was developed by integrating the custom designed telemetry prototypes and front-end analog conditioning ICs. Biosignal communication was successfully demonstrated in home and hospital environments for wearable and implantable applications.
    • Telemetry prototypes (Bio-WiTel) with custom designed ICs (2015-2016)
      Portable, low power battery operated prototypes were developed with the custom designed FSK transmitter and receiver ICs in 180 nm technology. These are the first reported indigenous low power bio-telemetry ICs in India for biosignal communication in proprietary 400 MHz ISM band meeting the FCC recommendations.
    • Three transmitter ICs (UMC 180 nm) (2013-2016)
      Three different low power 400 MHz transmitters for bio-telemetry application were designed, fabricated and successfully measured in 180 nm UMC process.
    • Two receiver ICs (UMC 180 nm) (2013-2015)
      Two 400 MHz MedRadio band receivers for bio-telemetry application were designed and fabricated in 180 nm UMC technology . Receivers were successfully measured post fabrication.