Ph.D Students (Current)

  1. Lakshmi Supriya Yerramshetty (2020): Numerical Modeling of Behaviour URM Infill wall in Frame Buildings
  2. Bharat Prakke (2019): Earthquake Disaster Risk Index
  3. Niharika Peddaprolu (2018): Structural Health Monitoring, Safety Assessment and Strengthening of Buildings
  4. Pulkit Velani (2016): Earthquake Behaviour of Tall Buildings (Submitted)
  5. Raghunandan Vyas Pammi (2017): Seismic Behaviour of Buildings on Hill Slopes (Submitted)
  6. Niharika Talyan (2017): Retrofitting of Buildings (Submitted)


  1. Ravi Shankar Badry (2023): Numerical Modeling of Soil-Structure Interaction Using Efficient Radiating Boundary Conditions
  2. Patnala Neelima (2023): Seismic Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Buildings with Moment Resisting Frames and Frames with Structural Walls Subjected to Near and Far-Fault Ground Motions
  3. Hima Chandan (2023): Modal Updating of Long Uniform Buildings with Expansion Joints
  4. Swajit Singh Goud (2013): Non-linear response of RC frame considering P-V-M Interaction and Design Amplification Factors for Open Ground Storey Structure
  5. Aniket Bhalkilar (2014): Relative Weightage of Different Structural Parameters on Overall Vulnerability of Structure
  6. PV Dilip Kumar (2015): Non-linear Numerical Modeling of Tectonic Plates for Understanding Crustal Deformation and Possible Forecast of major Earthquake at Triple Plate Junctions
  7. Chenna Rajaram (2015): Numerical Modeling of Near-Fault Seismic Ground Motions for Strike Slip and Dip Slip Faults
  8. Narender Bodige (2014): Development of A Comprehensive Seismic Risk Assessment Model for Built Environment:- A Case Study on Nanded-Waghala City, Maharastra, India
  9. Anthugari Vimala (2014): Expended Energy Based Seismic Damage Assessment method for Reinforced Concrete Bare Frames
  10. Pulikanti Sushma (2013): Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction Analysis of Pile Supported Highrise RC Framed Buildings
  11. Archana Dongre (2013): Inelastic Seismic Response of RC Moment Resisting Frame Buildings with URM Infill Walls
  12. Ahmed Hussain (2012): Study of the Effects on the Ground Surface Subjected to Seismic Base Fault Movement
  13. Raparla Harinadha Babu (2011): Numerical Simulation of Progressive Collapse of RC Buildings Subjected to Earthquake and Blast Loads}, PhD Thesis, Department of Civil Engineering, Andhra University, Andhra Pradesh

MS by Research Students (Graduated)

  1. Swapnil Nayan (2021): Damage Estimation of Reinforced Concrete Buildings Using Machine Learning
  2. Haritha Pallavi (2021): Damage quantification and prediction of concrete gravity dams under earthquake ground motions
  3. Keertana Eetoori (2020): Performance Assessment of Buildings Designed With and Without Soil-Structure Interaction.
  4. Rahul Vishwakarma (2020): Torsional Behaviour of Buildings on Slopes Due to Lateral Load.
  5. Anchal Pandey (2020): Out of Plane Behavior of Reinforced Wall under Blast Loading.
  6. Anuj Agarwal (2020): Correlation of Structural Damage with Energy Dissipation.
  7. Saurabh Agarwal (2019): Earthquake Resistant Design of Flat Slab Buildings.
  8. Ramya Gullapalli (2019): Earthquake Behaviour of Building on Hill Slopes.
  9. Anshu Rajpoot (2020): Effect of Seismic Soil-Structure Interaction on Transmission Tower.
  10. Pulkit Dilip Velani (2016): Evaluation of Empirical Expression for Fundamental Natural Period of RC Moment Resisting Frames and RC Shear Wall Buildings in India.
  11. Bhargavi Sattar (2016): Behaviour of Brick Masonry In-filled RC Frames with and without Openings, Openings with and without Lintel and Lintel Band.
  12. Neelima Patnala (2014): Critical Issues in Design of RC Frames With Unreinforced Brick Masonry Infills in Higher Seismic Zones in India.
  13. Vrushali Kamalakar (2013): Damage Based Life of Heritage Structures in Seismic Environment.
  14. Jagan Mohan Rao (2013): Numerical Study of Near-Field Earthquake Effects on Concrete Gravity Dam.
  15. Chenna Rajaram (2011): A Study of Pounding Between Adjacent Buildings.
  16. Vasudeo Govind Chaudhary (2011): Numerical Study of Buried Continuous Pipeline Subjected to Large Ground Deformation.


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